Wedding flowers – the expenditure

Flowers are an essential when it comes to celebrations and festive events. They play a key role in decorating and creating an appealing ambiance and celebrations are considered incomplete without them. Particularly when it comes to weddings, the ceremony seems lifeless and colorless in the absence of flowers.

Flower decoration

Flowers can be seen everywhere is a wedding ceremony. Bridal dress, bouquet, button holes, table decorations, flower arrangements, floral decorated passage for guests, decorations at ceremony and reception all present a spectacular display of colorful blooming flowers. There can be a number of other creative ways of decorating your ceremony with flowers as well.

Average cost of flower decoration in weddings

Flowers undeniably make a major part in the wedding expenses as well. So, while planning a wedding budget you need to allocate reasonable amount for flower décor expense.

The amount spent on flowers on a wedding ceremony largely varies among couples based on their preference i.e. the type and amount of flowers they choose. So there is no scale for it. On an average flowers cost is between £300 and £500 which is a huge amount. However, it is entirely in your own hands to spend as much or as little as you want on flower decorations.

Factors affecting cost

There are a number of factors that contribute in the cost of flowers. Some of them are:


The time of year you are going to tie the knot is of utmost importance as the availability of flowers greatly depends on seasons. Every season has its own flowers and the fact is that you can get more varieties of flowers in summer than winter. The shortage or unavailability of flowers is a factor behind rise of cost/rates in off season. So it is preferable to choose seasonal flowers for you wedding bouquet and other flower decorations on the ceremony.

Special events

The price of flowers tend to touch the sky when special days and occasions like Christmas, Mother’s day, Valentine’s Day etc. are around the corner. These are the times when flower business is at its peak and florists try to earn every penny they can during these days which ultimately leads to increased prices.

Local or imported?

It doesn’t make any significant difference whether flowers are local or imported until they are fresh. This is just a way for florists to earn money nothing more than that. Go for local seasonal flowers that are blooming and fresh, having imported flowers is not necessary.

Flower type

Different flowers come in varying price ranges. It is on you to pick them wisely. A great idea is to mix different flowers for different combinations of color and fragrance rather than sticking to just one. That will save you a lot of money. Try using flowers that are easily available or mix some ordinary inexpensive flowers like carnation and daisies with some stems of expensive ones to create a unique arrangement.

The venue

How big is your wedding venue? A small venue can be decorated beautifully in a small budget. But if the venue is quite big, it will obviously require more flowers which means extending your budget. Alternatively, you can think of ways to incorporate other decorations or even artificial flowers in such a way that it fills up the venue without having an excessive need of flowers.

Number of guests

If you are using some flowers for your table décor and you are going to have a huge gathering, the cost of flowers will ultimately increase. You can choose other ways to enhance table décor in such situation like fancy table runners or fancier cutlery. Another idea is to increase chairs around each table or use large tables if you want to stick with flowers.

Arrangement size

The size of flower arrangement you are choosing has a great impact on overall cost of flowers. More flowers will cost more.

Arrangement design

The design of floral arrangement is also a key contributor taking in view the flower cost. Placing order of flower arrangement with very fine details based on something you have in mind or seen on internet will be costly and is not a wise idea. You need to think about the utility of design details and if you can find some alternatives in lesser price range.

Ceremony and reception

If you have booked separate ceremony and venues this will surely double your effort and cost on decorating. As for flowers, they are usually fragile and are a bit difficult to handle. Separate arrangements on both sites can cost you a fortune.

Flower color

For most couples who are creative about choosing their wedding theme and select unique colors, it becomes difficult for them to match flower color with their theme later on. Also, flowers with unusual colors are difficult to find and are very costly.

Delivery charges

Sometimes the florists charge you for delivery even more than the actual price of flowers if they are far from the wedding venue which is ridiculous. The most probable solution is to find out a florist nearby your wedding venue to save yourself from extra delivery charges that chip in to spending of more money.

How much to spend?

The question asked by many brides is how much to spend on wedding flowers? Every bride wants to have a magnificent flower arrangement without having to spend hundreds and thousands of pounds. The truth is that there is no such thing as an exact number that can define a flower budget. The budget and preferences of every couple are different. There is no need to overload every door, window, table and aisle with tons of flowers. Be smart in planning your décor and decide how much part of décor will be flowers. Use other décor items along with flowers. The key is to plan how much you intend to spend on flowers and try to stick to it by making a few wise choices.