How can I save money on wedding flowers?

This is the most intriguing question asked by many. Every couple is keen to find ways to spend less yet have a noticeably attractive décor. The good news is that there are a number of different ways that can help the couples cut the overwhelming cost spent on flowers.

1 – Choose seasonal flowers

This is a sure way that will save you from costing a fortune. Choose the flowers that are seasonal as florists tend to charge more for flowers in their off season.

2 – Using garden flowers

Making use of your own garden flowers sounds even a better idea if you are looking for cheaper options and your budget is restricting you. You can use them in different ways to decorate your venue without having to pay for them. If your engagement period is long, you can even plan on planting new flowers in your garden which can later be used on your big day.

3 – Wedding in a garden/lawn

Be it your own garden or your parents’, having a reception or ceremony in a garden is a remarkable way of freeing yourself from focusing too much on décor. The naturally grown grass and flowers themselves would automatically enhance the ambiance. This will save you money from venue and décor both.

4 – Repurpose bridal bouquet

Another smart idea is to reuse bouquet of bride maids during reception as they won’t be needing them anymore. These bouquets can be used to decorate centerpieces, tables or used for decorating the cake table.

5 – Reusing ceremony flowers

Once the ceremony is over, nobody cares about those flowers. Instead of wasting those flowers you can transfer them to your reception venue. Same flowers can be used differently without the guests knowing about it.

6 – One venue

Choosing the same venue for ceremony and reception will help you in a lot of ways including décor. You don’t need to invest big in it. You will be relieved to see the advantages of choosing this option as you will be spared from decorating two venues separately.

7 – Plan smartly

You can plan your wedding during the time of Easter or Christmas. These times of the year churches are beautifully decorated. Have yourself a ceremony in a well decorated church without spending a penny on flower and other decor.

8 – Fabric flowers

Although real flowers look very beautiful, now-a-days silk flowers are readily available or you can make your own as well. Unlike real flowers that fade even during the reception silk flowers make an excellent alternative as you will also get to keep them for a long time. You can choose color and pattern of fabric to match your wedding dress easily.

9 – Flower type matters

The type of flower you desire to order has a marked impact on the price. As the flowers that are common and are easily grown cost less as compared to flowers that are difficult to grow. So go with daisies or carnation. These are relatively cheaper options. Roses can also be considered as they are almost available throughout the year. They also offer a wide variety of mesmerizing colors.

10 – Flower color matters

At times it is difficult to find the exact color in flowers that matches your theme or bridal dress. Flowers with uncommon colors are usually shipped from other places and this factor ultimately contributes to increase in their price. The only option in this scenario is to trade off or choose a color that is easily available.

11 – Button holes

Instead of using flowers as button holes ribbons or handkerchiefs can be used for groom and groom’s men. Colored or patterned handkerchief will give a remarkable impact to the male attire.

12 – Arrangement detail

A bouquet or arrangement with very fine details will cost you a lot of money. So it is better to skip the details and opt for simpler designs instead.

13 – DIY

Do it yourself with a little help of friends and cousins. Handmade bouquets with flowers tucked in with simplicity are better than ordering flowers. There is always a chance of not getting the desired look of arrangement. So it is a better idea to design your arrangement as you please.

14 – Go green

Use leaves to compliment flowers and give an overall fuller look to flower décor. Even in a bouquet you can use fewer stems with a combination of some bushes and leaves. Lush green color always has a soothing effect on eyes. This will give you the benefit of using lesser number of flowers overall.

15 – Other decorative items

There are tons and tons of other things available in market to decorate your ceremony. You can use banners, buntings, candles, crystal decoration pieces, elegant centerpieces, vases, artificial flowers, paper decorations, lanterns etc. This will lessen the load of using flowers across the wedding venue.

16 – Florist options

Try finding a florist near your wedding venue to save yourself from huge delivery fee charged by them. . Also consult more than one florists to verify the rates. This way you will have a choice to pick the one offering prices best suited for you.

17 – Trade off

All the efforts aside, the most important thing is to be flexible in your choices. You should be willing to compromise a bit to keep yourself from crossing your budget as flowers are not the only things on your wedding. Money saved from flowers can be used elsewhere in wedding.

By following these simple tips and tricks, the couple can try to work within their budget. These cheats are helpful if you are just about to plan your wedding budget. Put a lot of thought into every single aspect. Talk to different vendors and tell them about your budget.

As for flowers, you don’t need a huge budget allocated for them but it is surprising how flowers can easily overflow your budget limit. A spectacular wedding look can be achieved in a small budget as well by making a few right choices that will also ensure you a big save.