A cherry-themed wedding

When you’re planning your wedding table decorations, cherries might not be the first thing that springs to mind. However, these dark richly coloured shiny fruits can add a touch of splendour and indulgence to your wedding decor.

Table numbers in cherry buckets

What a pretty way to display your table numbers! Little silver buckets filled with delicious cherries, and a pretty homemade paper flower on a stick to mark each guests’ table.

Cherry buckets with table numbers

You can buy buckets like these cheaply on Amazon for £8.49/6, making them a very economical way to decorate your wedding tables.

Cherries and flowers wedding table idea

Here, the little bucket of cherries has been used alongside a pretty lantern filled with beautiful deep pink rose petals. Combined with a simple arrangement of pretty peonies in a glass vase, it makes a stunning centerpiece for your wedding table.

Wedding table with lantern

Cherries are used inside the lantern too…

Cherry confetti

… and strewn across the table – a tasty, elegant alternative to confetti or table sprinkles!

Bowl of flowers and cherries

This gorgeous wedding centerpiece continues the cherry theme, with peonies and rosebuds mixed in with pretty white lace. A simple lace and button trim adds an elegant finish to the simple glass bowl.

Peonies, roses and cherries in a wedding bowl

Here’s the view from above – the colours are just stunning and the green buds add a lovely fresh contrast.

Table arrangement with cherries at a wedding

The bowl blends beautifully with the other pretty table decoration.

Glass jar with cherries and petals

The same simple lace band and button design is repeated on small bowls of petals and cherries providing further matching decorations.

Mr and Mrs Cherry Bowl

Here, small jars of cherries and pink rose petals make lovely decorations for the individual guests’ places. Tags like these can be picked up from Amazon for as little as £2.41/10.

Peonies in a vase flowers at a wedding

The simple flower arrangement of peonies in a plain glass vase is not so simple – look closer and you will see that the vase is lined with pretty ivy leaves to give it extra colour and interest.

Coordinating flowers cherry colours

The table decorations pick out the colours of the bride’s flowers which are interwoven with lace in the same way as the bowl of peonies and roses.

Pink cupcakes at a wedding

A tower of sparkling cup cakes continue the look with similar colours to the flowers and decor.

What a beautiful wedding theme! I hope it has inspired you to design and create your own beautiful cherry-themed wedding decorations.

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