Sending funeral flowers – a guide

How do I choose which type of arrangement to send?

There is no “right” or “wrong” arrangement to communicate your sympathy to a grieving friend or family member. Flower baskets and containers and plants and container gardens are the most versatile choices because they provide a beautiful setting during services and also transition nicely to beautify the home after services conclude. We offer a large selection of prices and styles in both categories. Standing sprays and wreaths, hearts and crosses are the most traditional options for the service. These arrangements are displayed on an easel for maximum viewing and can be brought to the graveside after services. Vase bouquets are generally smaller in size and more typically sent to a family home but are welcome as a beautiful part of any service.

Consider flower color symbolism and historical flower meanings to personalize the arrangement. Your relationship to the deceased, the personality of the deceased or your wishes for the family can be expressed in your arrangement selection.

Where and when should I send flowers?

When time permits, sending flowers to the service is a good choice. Your flowers will console the family and friends gathered together and add beauty to a solemn occasion. The funeral director ensures that the family receives each card associated with the arrangements so your gift can be acknowledged. Often, Flower Baskets and Containers and plants and container gardens are brought to family members’ homes after services are complete, extending the beauty and comfort they provide. Standing sprays and wreaths, hearts and crosses are traditionally brought to the graveside after funeral or memorial services.

If there is not time to order flowers for the service, or if services have already passed, sending an arrangement to the home is also very appropriate. Flowers received at home provide a comforting reminder that family and friends have not forgotten. The grieving process is long, and expressions of thoughtfulness are appreciated long after public events conclude. Vase bouquets and plants and container gardens are good choices for home delivery.

Flower orders placed before 1:00 p.m. in the recipient’s time zone can be delivered the same day, at least four hours later. Otherwise, next day service is available, Monday through Saturday. Orders placed on Sunday will be delivered on Monday.

What happens to the flowers after services are over?

The immediate family is asked for its preferences regarding the final location of flowers after services and those wishes are fulfilled by the funeral home. Often, container arrangements, Vase bouquets, plants and container gardens are delivered to family members’ homes after services are complete, extending the beauty and comfort they provide. Standing sprays and wreaths, hearts and crosses are traditionally brought to the graveside after funeral or memorial services.

Will the family know that I sent flowers to the service?

Yes. It is customary for the funeral home to display the card and arrangement together in the chapel or visitation room. This allows family members and friends an opportunity to share the support and sympathy that your gift bestows. The funeral director saves a copy of each card and presents them to the family after services have concluded. This provides much needed assistance in helping the family acknowledge your thoughtful remembrance. Many arrangements are sent home with the family as well, extending the comfort and support provided by your thoughtful gift.

Can you send flowers if there is no funeral service?

Yes, it is appropriate to send floral arrangements to a memorial or other gathering as well as to the home of family members who have suffered the loss.

When is it considered too late to send an expression of sympathy?

Research shows that the process of grieving is long. Friends and family may suffer feelings of loss for a year or more after the death of a loved one, especially at special times such as anniversaries, birthdays and holidays. Sharing your sentiments of sympathy and thoughtfulness can provide comfort at any point during this difficult time. Vase arrangements , plants and container gardens are ideal gifts to send to the home of someone in your thoughts.

What is an appropriate gesture to send for cremations?

Families that select cremation often choose to have an accompanying service to honor the life that was lived. These services can range from a small private viewing prior to the cremation to a memorial service after the cremation, or an informal family gathering in someone’s home. Flowers are an appropriate and welcome gesture at any of these events and all styles of arrangements can be incorporated. If no services have been scheduled, sending a vase bouquet, plant or container garden to the home of a friend or family member is equally appropriate.

Does my relationship to the deceased or family dictate what type of arrangement I should send?

Traditionally, the immediate family members responsible for making the final arrangements purchase the flower spray that adorns the casket or urn. Other family members, friends and coworkers typically send additional arrangements that provide a loving backdrop for services. These arrangements are often brought to family members’ homes after services are complete, extending the beauty and comfort they provide. Flower baskets and containers offer the most variety and flexibility, while standing sprays and wreaths, hearts and crosses are the most traditional options.

Can I send a gift that will last longer than flowers?

Green plants, blooming plants and container gardens give you many options for selecting a beautiful and lasting gift.

Can I express tradition and reverence with flowers?

There are a variety of floral designs and colors to fit every sentiment and personality, but among the most classic expressions of tradition are all-white arrangements. Their understated elegance symbolizes peace, serenity, and purity. White flowers can convey religious commitment or an appreciation of simple, natural beauty.

Are colorful arrangements appropriate to send to a funeral service?

A sympathy arrangement doesn’t have to be somber. It is an uplifting reminder of support and love for those who are suffering a loss. Flowers provide a beautiful memorial for a celebrated life, and offer warmth and comfort in a solemn atmosphere. Vibrant colors, soft pastels and deep jewel tones bring beauty, hope and cheer when needed most. Colors can also reflect the personality of the deceased. Consider flower color symbolism and historical flower meanings to personalize any type of arrangement.

Is it appropriate for co-workers or friends to send a group gift?

Absolutely. It is common for a group to pool their resources and purchase a larger arrangement. It adds a personal, heartfelt touch to include a card with everyone’s name if possible.