A guide to choosing funeral flowers

If an acquaintance or friend has passed away, you may be considering buying some flowers to pay tribute to them. But what type should you choose? This guide explains exactly which flowers are appropriate for your circumstances.

The first thing to consider is your relationship to the Deceased. If you were a close family member, you might want to pay for or contribute towards flowers for the casket.

Funeral flowers for the casket

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Otherwise, if you were a relative or close friend, you might choose a wreath, a heart or a shaped tribute.

Funeral heart wreath

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Other friends, colleagues and associates are more likely to choose a spray or sheaf arrangement.

Funeral spray

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This gives you an idea of the basic shape of your arrangement. However, you should also factor in a number of other matters.


It may be that the family asks for donations to a charity, rather than flowers. This is often written in the funeral announcement or in an obituary notice. Do follow the family’s wishes – not to do so may cause unintentional upset.


One of the points to consider is the faith of the deceased and their family. Some symbols may be offensive to the deceased’s family, so they are best avoided. In some cases, it may not be appropriate to send flowers at all.

For example:

  • Catholic, Protestant Christian – all arrangements welcome
  • Mormon – avoid sending crosses
  • Jehovah’s Witnesses – avoid sending crosses
  • Jewish – flowers are not usually send to a Jewish funeral, or to the home during Shiva
  • Hindu – all arrangements welcome but garlands are commonly worn
  • Muslim – you should ask family members for permission before sending flowers to the funeral

The Deceased’s life

You may know something about the Deceased that could be reflected in the flowers you send. For example, you might send a particular shape or colours, reflecting memories you have with them during their lifetime.

Our advice

We know that choosing a floral tribute can be a difficult experience. We are on hand to help you choose the right tribute that properly reflects your feelings while of course, meeting any budgetary requirements. We do not put any pressure on you during this emotional time to buy a bigger, more expensive tribute as some florists do. Instead, we offer lots of options based on what you can afford.