Guide: buying flowers as a gift

Are you buying flowers as a gift? Here’s a quick guide, for those of you that don’t know too much about flowers!

1. Try to personalise your gift

“But how can I possibly personalise a flower gift???” – I hear you.  Don’t worry, this bit is a lot easier than you’d imagine.

First, what colour does the person you’re buying flowers for like? (think about the colours they wear, especially accessories – and the colours they use in their home where the flowers will go).

Second, think about their personality. For example, do they love walking in the Countryside? Are they very stylish in their dress sense? Are they fun-loving, always ready for a laugh? Are they quite a serious and introverted person? These personality traits will really help you (or us!) with buying flowers that they will love.

One last consideration – are they allergic to flowers? If you’re not sure, think about whether you’ve seen flowers in their home (and were they real or fake?) If they are allergic, buying flowers might not be the best move. If you’re not sure, choose flowers that are least likely to cause an allergic reaction – roses and gypsophila, for example, are a low-pollen safe bet. Alternatively, you could buy a bunch of artificial flowers.

2. Think about your reason for buying flowers

Gifts are always about a message – for example:

  • I’m thinking about you
  • I love you!
  • I’m sorry
  • Happy birthday / anniversary etc
  • Thank you

Having a clear message in your mind can help you and your florist pick the right flowers for the occasion.

3. Choose a florist

Ideally, find a florist near you that you can visit, or one that takes orders online. ideally you want someone you can speak to directly or via email to tell them what you’ve figured out above, so they can advise you on the best choice of flowers for your gift.

Make sure you spell out exactly what you want. For example:

“I want a flower arrangement for ….” [this is the reason for your gift]

“I want to spend….” [Be honest about your budget – it will help your florist. They can also advise you if what you want is doable, with the budget you have]

“I’d like to use these colours….”

“The person I’m buying for is….” [tell them about the personality traits]

People love gifts that are thoughtful so don’t be tempted to go for the easy option. Yes, roses are traditionally romantic but they don’t require much thought. Imagine your recipient’s face when you give them the arrangement and explain that you chose these flowers because you noticed that they wear baby blue a lot, and the flowers remind you of their cheerful personality. Not only are you showing that you’ve been paying attention but you’re also complementing them and showing that you have really thought about the gift.

Don’t be surprised if your florist goes a little over your budget without charging you extra. A good florist will take pride in their work and may add in the odd extra piece to enhance the overall arrangement.

Remember that, if you’re happy with your bouquet, the best thank you that you can offer your florist is to recommend them to others.