Sending funeral flowers – a guide

Funeral flowers guide

How do I choose which type of arrangement to send? There is no “right” or “wrong” arrangement to communicate your sympathy to a grieving friend or family member. Flower baskets and containers and plants and container gardens are the most versatile choices because they provide a beautiful setting during services and also transition nicely to beautify the home after services conclude. … Read more

Wedding flowers – the expenditure

Wedding flowers - cost

Flowers are an essential when it comes to celebrations and festive events. They play a key role in decorating and creating an appealing ambiance and celebrations are considered incomplete without them. Particularly when it comes to weddings, the ceremony seems lifeless and colorless in the absence of flowers. Flower decoration Flowers can be seen everywhere … Read more

Serving LGBTQ+ couples as a florist

American businesses should not have the right to refuse service and discriminate against LGBTQ+ couples. Very few states prohibit discrimination against people based on their sexual orientation (1), and every day people face hatred and inequality because of who they love. In the past few years in the U.S.A, there have been multiple incidents where … Read more

The power of flowers

“A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms.” ― Zen Shin The phrase “Beautiful Soul” has been commonly used since a while back. These two very simple words describe true beauty, which comes from within. It means to have a thoughtful, genuine, selfless, kind-hearted trait that dwells … Read more