Real or artificial flowers: what should I choose for my wedding?

Brides tend to go for fresh flowers for their wedding because that’s how it’s always been. Granted, real flowers have scent and a real beauty that no one can deny. For folks who love flowers, it is sometimes difficult to give consideration to artificial flowers. Still, today’s synthetic flowers have come a long way and genuine flowers have some serious shortcomings that you need to consider. So, let us have a look at a number of the obvious benefits and drawbacks that will help you make a decision.

Timing the Delivery of Genuine Wedding Flowers

One significant weakness with authentic flowers is the fact that they are able to wilt in hot weather, or worse still, they are able to die in transportation if they’ve not been stored or shipped under the right conditions. To lower the risk of your wedding flowers wilting or dying on your special day, timing is positively essential. You need to put a lot of trust in your wedding florist to produce on time and to take a lot of care that your bridal bouquets and floral arrangements are cared for and treated properly. In the event that you choose real flowers, chances are they must certanly be prepared a day or two ahead of the wedding itself, maintained in ideal conditions and delivered with flawless timing. A lot of people would regard wilted or dying flowers as a sign of bad luck, but worse still, we’ve heard some proper horror stories with genuine flowers not showing up on time for the wedding at all! can you envisage, no wedding flowers?

Allergens, Wasps and Hay fever

Not everyone suffers from hay fever or flower sensitivity, but with genuine flowers it may actually mess up every day. Especially with the more pollen rich species such as lilies and anthuriums. Artificial flowers are definitely your best option in the event that you don’t want a red nose and watery eyes on your wedding pictures or wasp stings and irksome insects chasing you for your flowers.

Are Fake Wedding Flowers Cheap?

Price is just one single small advantage of fake versus real. The price of artificial flowers is typically only a little less than fresh flowers, but watch out for florists who will be still using old fashioned fabric flowers of lesser quality. The most recent assortments of synthetic flowers use leading edge foam and fresh touch polymers. They are extremely difficult to differentiate from genuine flowers. Because of this, the price tag on fake wedding bouquets are going up. Still marginally more affordable, but frequently much like fresh flowers.

Realism – How Real are Artificial Wedding Flowers?

If you pick a decent florist you can be sure they’ll take pride in their work and try to maximise the realism of your wedding flowers. There are plenty different grades of flower on the market ranging from poor quality to superior quality flowers.

Aesthetic Detail and Imagination with Wedding Flowers

Real flowers are particularly sensitive and really, really delicate. Some may be so fragile that they’re almost impossible to work into arrangements. Genuine flowers by their very nature are brittle and prone to collapse. It is hard therefore, to be creative with real flowers and add decorations and crystals without bruising, damaging and de-heading them. Synthetic flowers lend themselves significantly more readily to artistic innovation.

Flaws in genuine flowers

Like anything in nature, there is blemishes. Genuine flowers deviate in tone through the seasons and between each stem. Your florist is unable to promise real flowers will arrive in the colour you counted upon and very often they just do not. In addition, real flowers could be mishaped and blemished. They may be able even be deformed and filled with veins and splits. You don’t have this with man made flowers as they’re free from nature’s unintended flaws.

Lifespan, resilience and storage of the Wedding Flowers

Something else to consider with artificial wedding flowers is the lifespan and durability. As previously mentioned, artificial flowers last forever. They won’t wilt and they wont die. It is possible to take delivery well prior to your wedding and you may keep them forever after as a keepsake. If stored properly, they could be kept indefinitely. That is an obvious advantage when it comes to sentimental bride who wishes to forever preserve her bridal bouquets.

Choosing synthetic wedding flowers means you have a long-lasting reminder of the wedding day without the added cost of wedding bouquet preservation companies who charge throughout the odds for this service. Floral preservation is a pricey business, so just why add this to your financial allowance when artificial flowers may be kept forever as souvenir to remind you for the day?

Even though genuine flowers are preserved, they in time result in brittle, dried flowers. This will be a significant drawback for romantic brides who want to preserve their bouquets. Fake flowers may be kept for a long time and they will continue to look as awesome come your own daughter’s wedding day as they looked all on your own big day.

What’s more, they these are generally way more long lasting than fresh flowers and will take more mistreatment, for instance when being held by a young child. There is no worry regarding your flower girl mishandling her bouquet or dropping your flowers. Unlike genuine flower bouquets, artificial bouquets are incredibly durable.

To keep your artificial wedding flowers before or after your big day, just wrap them in acid free tissue paper or clear florist rolls and have them when you look at the box they arrived in. Have them out of direct sunlight.

Seasonal Advantages of Synthetic Wedding Flowers

Man-made flowers aren’t seasonal, you can have your favourite flowers all year round. For sale in a vast assortment of colours and always in season you can have almost any flower in any shade at anytime of year. Unlike fresh flowers, they truly are always in season. Out-of-season flowers are no longer an issue, you will be guaranteed your preferred flowers and a fantastic match to your colour pallette, whatever the time of year.

Easy to carry Fake Flowers for Weddings Abroad

Synthetic flowers are actually, very light so carrying them is totally effortless. You will never feel burdened by them on the wedding day! Unlike fresh flowers, with a hefty water content, artificial flowers weigh very little.

This is why them ideal for weddings out of the country. Light and resilient, they’re so easy to package and thus easy to transport. Just put them into your hand luggage and take them with you. A definite advantage whenever you consider cross border controls. Great britain will not enable you to bring your bouquet in to the country in the event that you’ve taken it home from a marriage out of the country!

In Summary

It appears whenever you weigh up the positives and negatives of authentic flowers versus synthetic flowers, you may wonder why you even contemplated real flowers to start with. Add to the equation the improvements in today’s materials and manufacturing technology in addition to realism of synthetic wedding flowers will astonish you. Those days are gone of budget silk fabric flowers that fray and shrivel. Today, foam fabrics and exceptional manufacturing makes fake wedding flowers the choice associated with the discerning, trendy bride. Fake wedding flowers have become more and more popular for weddings and this huge rise in the acceptance is testimony into the realism of today’s fake flowers. It is hard to discern the real difference.

As a designer of fake wedding flowers, i will understand why they’ve been gaining momentum especially throughout the winter season when some fashionable fresh flowers are not widely available. While they don’t have the exact same fragrances and delicateness of real flowers, artificial flowers endure forever, so that the bride can have a lasting momentum of her day.