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Halloween flowers – arrangement ideas

Halloween is just over two weeks’ away and we’ve been busy putting together loads of Halloween flowers in arrangements for the shop. Here, I’m sharing with you 5 of my favourite Halloween flowers ideas which I hope will inspire you to put together your own beautiful – and sometimes a little spooky – flower arrangements for this fun occasion.

There’s two ways you can go with a Halloween flower arrangement – you can either take advantage of the fantastic colours and textures of the Fall, creating an orange and red themed arrangement with just a subtle touch of holiday spirit (like the very first pick below) or you can go all out crazy with the theme – like some of my other picks. Have a look and see which you prefer:

Halloween flowers in a jug

So here, the flower arrangement itself really has nothing to do with Halloween – it’s all about Fall flowers. The lovely reds and oranges are the perfect way to reflect the gorgeous colours of this season. The own clue that this arrangement is for Halloween is the cheerful jug that these blooms sit in! I just love this subtle Halloween flower arrangement – it’s not too gaudy but brings the cheer that this fun event offers right into the home.

Source: Hug2Love

Halloween flowers with creepy hand


These gorgeous marigolds perfectly reflect the colours of the Fall but what’s that creeping its way out of the yellow glass vase? Yes, these creepy hands make this arrangement into a Halloween decoration – but they can easily be removed after the event so you can enjoy the lovely blooms for a week or two more.

Halloween flowers

I absolutely adore this fantastic flower arrangement by Ray Hunter Florist. It’s just so cheerful and the little cut out is absolutely perfect. I also love the colours used in the arrangement itself with the dots of foliage bringing in the Fall vibe. The twisted twigs give the whole arrangement a bit of a spooky feel without being too over the top. What a great design!

Source:  Ray Hunter Florist

Flowers with bats for Halloween

This very sleek flower arrangement is almost nothing to do with Halloween – except for the genius use of leaves to create ‘bats’ and the brilliant addition of a moon for the bats to fly in front of. I think this flower arrangement is the ideal choice for a home where you don’t want too much gaud or tack, but you would like to show a little Halloween spirit. What could be more classy?

Source: Pinterest

Flowers in skull for halloween

And for everyone else – there’s my next two choices! What can I say about this lively, gaudy arrangement of fake flowers and dried blooms? It’s cheerful, it’s fun and it brings the Halloween vibe into your home very effectively. Once you’re done with Halloween for the year, you can use the blooms in a regular vase of the non-skull variety…

Source: Pinterest

Bright halloween flowers

One final choice for our Halloween Flowers page – and isn’t this just BRILLIANT? The trailing pipe cleaners got me – and the eyeballs that sit in the middle of the flowers. Fall foliage brings the arrangement right in line with the season, but there’s loads of cute Halloween touches that would earn you a  lot of compliments. I really like this arrangement – it’s bold, brash and loads of fun.

Source: Pinterest

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