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Flowers for the fall

The colder weather has set in – so what flowers are still available for flower arranging in the Fall?

Here are our favourites:


Chrysanthemums – look how gorgeous these look set in amongst these beautiful red berries? This must be the ultimate perfect Fall flower arrangement! Credit: Martha Stewart


Make use of the stunning colours found only during the Fall by bringing in leaves and branches. These bright yellow birch leaves bring life and an incredible Fall twist to soft creamy white and pale pink dahlias, making for a beautiful arrangement. Credit: Martha Stewart


Here’s another gorgeous example of using the beautiful Fall foliage in your flower arrangements. Here, oak and sweetgum branches bring colour, texture and shape to spider mums. Fairly ordinary flowers and unimpressive colours can be given a completely stunning makeover by selecting a few sprigs and branches from the garden – or ask your florist if they can imitate this look! Credit: Martha Stewart

Fall bouquet

Look at this stunning bouquet of flowers that epitomizes everything that’s great about this season! Not only does this bouquet combine the Fall’s beautiful colours but it also brings in a whole range of gorgeous textures that help to capture the mood of the season! Credit:

Halloween flowersOf course, another joy of the Fall is Halloween! And if you’ve never thought of sending or displaying Halloween flowers before, you’ve really missed out! The lovely colours of this season are absolutely perfect for Halloween flower arrangements where pumpkins make the  perfect centrepiece. This beautiful arrangement was put together by Ray Hunter Florist. I love the combination of the yellows, oranges, reds and a touch of Fall foliage to really give the whole arrangement a seasonal feel – plus the spooky cutouts are great for bringing in the Halloween theme, not forgetting the very obvious pumpkin!

I hope my favourite Fall flowers have inspired you to get arranging yourself – and don’t forget, we’re always open to help you with choosing the best flowers for your home!

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