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Enhancing your Fall flower arrangements

The Fall is just such a brilliant time of year for us florists. The colors and varieties available to us open up simply endless opportunities for beautiful arrangements – whether we’re designing for a wedding or simply a gorgeous collection for the home.

Your Fall flower arrangements and table centerpieces aren’t just about flowers alone however. Here are some more gorgeous ideas that have caught my eye recently featuring stunning Fall colors and clever uses of foliage – coupled with other little details that add extra interest and flair to these arrangements. Thank you to everybody for the use of these photographs – I have tried to give credit where possible.

Grapes flower arrangement

Above – flowers and fruit: Flowers and foliage aren’t the only thing you can use in your arrangements – beautiful colorful fruit also makes a charming addition. This idea is so smart and would make a wonderful centerpiece for a dinner party. Just choose a few of your favorite blooms in Fall colors and make your own ‘grape kebabs’ to add interest to your arrangement. This idea from Brian Patrick Flynn has step by step instructions here.

Vintage flower containers

Above – creative containers: Creating gorgeous Fall flowers is not just about choosing the right colors or blooms. The container you use to hold your flowers can make just as much of an impact. Here, a gorgeous vintage jug makes the perfect container to hold light pink dahlias, dusty miller and dark-hued berries. Credit: Janie Medley, HGTV

Pomegranate in vases

Above – in the jar: Think about what you’re putting IN your flower vases – and I don’t just mean the flowers themselves! Here, the delicious deep red hue of the pomegranate seeds beautifully sets off the brilliant color of the orange ranunculus. Placing the whole arrangement on a rustic piece of reclaimed wood really brings out the colours. Credit: Brian Patrick Flynn, HGTV

Natural table centerpiece

Above – adding to nature: Nature is beautiful but there’s no harm in a little enhancement now and then! This beautiful but very natural arrangement is enhanced by the scattering of leaves sprayed with a little gold paint on the tips. Otherwise the arrangement is very informal, featuring flowers and foliage that has almost certainly been picked from the garden. Credit: Polished Closets

Candleholder flowers

Above – candle creation: Candles always make a fantastic combination with Fall flowers – in the evenings, the combination of the soft candle light and the gorgeous colors make a really cozy display. Credit: Life in a house of testosterone (great name for a blog!)

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